Friday, October 19, 2012

Better Support for Social Media and Mobile Devices with Call Center Software

Avaya Flare is starting to offer quite a few benefits to help improve call centers and provide unified communications. Now, it’s possible for employees to have better access to the contact center, as well as tools that they need to do their job better. One of the ways that Avaya Flare is helping is with the various mobile device options and social media features that it offers now. All of these tools should help to improve the performance of the contact center.

The advanced technology in the smartphones that we use is quite impressive, and they certainly help to make unified communications, no matter where one might be, a simple task. The technology actually makes it possible to interact with contact center operations. Some of the options that Avaya Flare was able tointroduce with call center functionality include automation, self-service options that customers can use, and it makes it easy to connect with a person, all in the quest for more unified communications.

The company also created some better support for social media outlets including YouTube and RSS feeds. They are even offering better support for Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook, the kings of social media. Video collaboration is even possible now, making it a good tool for a contact center. While software is certainly a huge part of the company’s unified communications goal, they excel in other areas as well. Their phone hardware is also high quality. With Avaya Flare and Aura, companies are starting to really see all of the great things that this type of technology is able to do – from better and easier relations in the contact center to easier, better quality unified communications through the company.

The pricing is something that is going to be a concern for many companies. Avaya has their social and mobile capability service starting at $30,000 and up for a session. They also offer Call Center Elite for the contact center for between $350 and $750 for each license. Avaya is one of the most popular choices when it comes to this type of technology and support. They announced that they would continue to offer support for mobile devices other than phones as well, such as the iPad.

When looking for unified communications solutions, companies need to make sure that they are dealing with a vendor who will be able to provide them the support and help that they need for their contact center and other areas of their business. Choose the right company for help.

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