Friday, March 23, 2012

Moving to VoIP while keeping your existing handsets – It can be done

IP Telephony is now a common place, well established technology. It offers companies a clear advantage over traditional phone systems and fits neatly into almost any growth strategy. The business case for the migration to VoIP is not only sound, it can be accomplished with the greatest of ease.

Many businesses are reluctant to migrate to VoIP; why is that?

A shared objection to transitioning to VoIP is the assessment of a company’s existing infrastructure. No matter if you implemented a new PBX six months or six years ago, there remains great value in most of your existing infrastructure. There is a misconception in today’s top enterprises that is not uncommon. Most believe an over haul is required and they are reluctant to dispose of handsets and wiring. With our help, migration to VoIP can be seamless while still incorporating most of your existing infrastructure.

Acquiring new handsets is just the first step in a series of financial transactions. an enterprise will face when migrating to a hosted or IP PBX system. New LAN (local area network) infrastructure, cabling, business disruption and time consuming retraining can effectively double / triple the cost over and above the cost of the handset. An estimated $20.6 billion will be wasted on IP screen phones over the next five years, according to a Gartner Research report.

End user implementation will be a major barrier due to the complex nature of new systems. Business owners need to keep in mind the cost and time involved in retraining the staff to deal with new handsets and future proof the user, so they don’t easily forget about the abundant features in the short term. Even the most technically modest person can be familiar with a new device but, may only use the most basic of functions. A basic user will shy away from the more complex features a new IP telephone have to offer.

Companies are always looking to minimize the expense and disruption of a “Rip and Replace” migration to a VoIP platform. One sure shot way would be with the Citel Portico™ Telephone VoIP Adapter (TVA™). This facilitates your company’s efforts to migrate to VoIP, while still using the telephones and wiring that are already in place. TVA™ can support analogue, P phone (Centrex) and digital (PBX).

TVA™ simplifies the migration process no matter if you’re going to a hosted IP platform with a service provider or managing an in house IP PBX, Citel makes the process as transparent as possible to the end users. We enable a new endpoint on the IP network using a Legacy PBX telephone making it unnecessary to replace the existing handsets.

For companies in older buildings, just the thought of redoing the cable is highly unfeasible and would deter them for a move to VoIP without a TVA™. The Portico™ TVA™ let’s companies re-use their existing phone wiring enabling them to receive all the benefits of a VoIP network.

A TVA solution provides extremely compelling economic reasons for a seamless migration to a unified communications platform. This makes it easy to justify an IP migration in the middle of a traditional PBX “buy cycle”. Enhanced cost savings, additional functionality, productivity enhancements and converged applications are now well within reach. For more information on our VoIP Migration products, please visit our website.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Fully Scalable, Avaya Phone System

Avaya Phone System is one of the leading names in office phone systems and IP telephony. But before understanding its benefits it is important to understand the role that communication plays in the success of a business. Many consider communication infrastructure to be a liability and burden on funds. However, using the right telecommunication system can do wonders to your intra-organizational management as well as sales. Having sound communication within your organization will help tasks get done much quicker. It is as simple as that. Quality and agility in communication with customers is also a great way to promote your company and boost sales.

An Avaya Phone System offers everything normal office phones offer but with much, much more. Gone are the days when communication equipment was merely made to make calls and exchange data. The Phone systems from Avaya are smart and built with various features and functions that can help managers organize workflow better. These phones give managers the power to transfer calls from clients to able agents. It also gives companies the ability to keep a tab on call logs. Some of the systems are fitted with sophisticated software that helps companies determine how many calls actually turn into sales.

Even in terms of intra-organizational communications, these phone systems can make all the difference. An Avaya Phone System gives companies the flexibility to communicate with employees in multiple branches and remote locations. As well, you get all this at quite a very reasonable price. If you’re looking for extraordinary conference calling features, phone systems from Avaya offer great features. This is actually much cheaper than hiring a third party conference calling service. Not to forget, Avaya phones are 100% compatible with all IP telephony. Thanks to this, Avaya can also provide customers with communication that is not just high quality but affordable as well.

Purchasing phone systems from Avaya gives you the upper hand in terms of scalability as well. The Avaya Phone System is easy to install and the process does not cost as much as you’d think and the installation process is extremely quick. All you need to do is give our company a call and express your requirements and budget to them. We will work out a solution that is tailor made for your company’s requirements. In fact, our staff at BroadConnect is quite helpful in familiarizing you with these systems. Though the interface is simple on most of these phones, there could always be moments of doubt. BroadConnect’s customer support team is excellent in such times.

Getting the right communication infrastructure is all about improving your chances at expanding your business. Using efficient and effective phone systems like the Avaya Phone System gives you a stronger base to build your company on. Avaya boasts of possessing one of the widest collections of phone systems. They design products for large, medium as well as small scale companies, keeping their specific demands in mind. A lot of research and survey go into the designing each product. Hence, it comes as no surprise that Avaya has become one of the most trusted names in office phone systems.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Is A Virtual Office Phone System Right For You?

Office phone systems are available in different varieties, each offering a diverse range of features and benefits. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), PBX (Private Branch Exchange) and Key System Units are some of the most popular contemporary phone systems, that are used in wide range of offices. If you want to get the most out of the money you’ve invested in your phone system, you need to choose the right one that exactly matches your targeted business requirements. You need to consider how many telephones you need to connect to the system, the budget, business applications and the existing infrastructure in your office. Only then, will you select the best performing phone system for your office.

Choosing the best office phone system that ensures the maximum uptime for your network helps to increase the overall productivity of your office too. If you opt for a virtual office telephone system, it will definitely give you more benefits than a traditional hardware based system. It will reduce your initial expenses and drastically cut your ongoing maintenance cost. All you need to have are a few basic tools that are probably already available at your disposal. A high speed internet connection and internet enabled phone sets are a typical fixture in just about any office. You also need choose one of the several convenient monthly subscription services that are available for use through a virtual phone system. This is highly beneficial, since it relieves you from investing thousands of dollars to set up a traditional office telephone system.

You can bring remote employees together by selecting the right office phone system. Sophisticated phone systems, like a virtual system, uses the internet to connect your office phone with the equipment of the service provider, enabling you to access your office phone from anywhere in the world. You can locate your employees, who can be situated in different parts of the country, and work with home employees as well. Customers placing calls to your office phone will think that your employees are sitting in the same office. As the best office telephone system can efficiently leverage the power of the internet, connecting remote employees becomes extremely simple process. You can handle call transfers and call routing in an effective manner and also allow your employees to have equal access to your phone system.

The best office phone system lets you enjoy such features, which were, at one time, available only to large corporations. You can gain full control over the system features, set up the system and make changes easily and quickly through the secure online interface that we at BroadConnect Telecom provide. The best phone system lets each employee get access to a fully customized voicemail, so they can record their own greetings and screen phone calls. When a new message is sent to them, they can be notified via email as well as text messages. The ideal phone system offers many other useful features, such as call logs and call forwarding, which help you run your business more effectively.

We offer some of the best office phone systems that give you first-class call center capability that enables you to provide seamless customer service, which is the key to attain success in any business. If a customer calls, helpful features like call logs let your office staff know all the essential information related to that customer immediately, so that providing trouble free customer service never becomes difficult. No matter whether your office is small, medium or large, our phone systems ideally meet your needs and provide you with the perfect cost effective tools and communication solutions.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

What Cisco Phones can do for you!

Having more than 65,000 employees all around the world, Cisco System Inc. was originally founded in 1984 and is now a multinational corporation which specializes in networking, voice and communication services and consumer electronics. You will find that a Cisco phone having wireless features is released on a constant basis because Cisco has gone further ahead in upgrading its phones since the launch of its first wireless phone in 2003.

What’s different about the Cisco wireless phone is that it’s basically a combo of the current mobile phone communication and some of the network characteristics that were found in walkie-talkies. Thus basically a wi-fi connection is used by these phones as compared to the traditional mobile phone network. There are numerous features of a Cisco phone which makes it unique and beneficial. You can get 15 hours of talk time and nearly 200 hours of standby time with this phone because its superior battery. The price range of Cisco phones in the 7900 is $60 to $1600 and there are a wide variety available. These wireless devices boast XML enabled applications, high definition voice quality, a two-inch, 176 x 220 pixel color screen and mute and volume buttons. They also promote hands free communication with duplex speaker phones and give the walkie-talkie experience with ‘push to talk’. Same facilities can be enjoyed both at home and at work as ensured by wireless security features and stringent voice because of the ‘office extend’ facility. Multi-call per line function is also supported by the phones. Like some smart phones developed commercially, some models of Cisco like 7921G-A-k9 and 7925G can use Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) applications because they have Java-based technology.

There are large business corporations where employees need mobile communication because they move around a lot. Here they have guaranteed access to the IP network. Therefore, Cisco has introduced models like the IP Phone 7970G through which graphic-laden applications and network data can be accessed by the employees. They have a large color sensitive display which is perfect when employees don’t have computer access. Using these phones in oil refineries, chemical plants, manufacturing areas and other hazardous workplaces is possible with a robust model that is made. However, targeting enterprises rather than replacing traditional mobile telephones was the purpose of the wireless IP Cisco phone 7920.

Traditional cellular networks are not used by a Cisco phone as its uses local area network (LAN) for its wireless features. Universal to different IP networks, the IEEE 802.11b wireless communications portal is used for communication purposes in the Cisco Wireless IP Phones of the 7900 series. Areas where Cisco IP systems can be accessed promote the easy use of these phones otherwise they use voice over IP networks or private branch exchange interfaces for communication. If the network is easily accessible and fully equipped then even the mobile phone network crashing will not have any impact in communication. Employees can move around the workplace and still communicate internally over Cisco Wireless IP phones which mean that employers do not have to bear the cost of carriage on a mobile phone network and it is thus economical. For more information on Cisco products please visit our website.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Looking at the Avaya IP Office

Avaya IP Office is a data and voice communication solution that offers facilities such as customer management as well as messaging. Since this system runs on IP telephony, it is capable of giving improved functionality at reasonable rates. These phone systems are extremely helpful for business communication. It allows inter-organizational communication as well as conversations with customers. However, the true quality of this phone lies in its simplicity and ability to keep remote workers connected. Features such as Voice over IP (VoIP), networking, call/time management and conferencing, facilitate effective communication and also cut down on costs.

These phones are great for all kinds of businesses. Whether you have a small business or a large one with branch offices and multiple locations, Avaya IP Office systems can offer tailor made solutions for your requirements. Again, these systems are a great option whether you have 5 or 500 employees. Features such as single-number reach ability, message and call forwarding, as well as other flexible options make it much easier for you to be mobile.

So, now, you can forget about paying huge sums of money to third party teleconferencing services. With these phone systems, you can take up teleconferencing with ease. This way, even if you have branch offices, you can still operate as one entity with these communication tools.

Switching to these phone systems implies an upgrade in quality and much needed savings. Avaya IP Office phone systems are available in a wide variety. For every kind of budget allotment there is a suitable Avaya phone system. Also, if you are going for these phone systems, you will find financing or leasing plans that are really easy to get. You can use the phone a requirement basis as well. And, with facilities such as conferencing and VoIP services, you can definitely save substantial amount of money.

Phone systems from Avaya are truly the next generation of telecommunication. These systems offer you everything an ordinary phone system would offer. However, with an Avaya system, you can always expect a bit more. Advanced intelligence used in Avaya IP Office makes them capable of processing and storing complex data such as calls per hour, calls per day, peak calling periods, call-to-sale conversion rate, etc. Analytical information of this nature surely makes it much easier to handle a business and move towards the right direction. For more information on our products, please visit our website.

How an IP Phone or VoIP Phone can streamline your business

IP phone and VoIP phone’s for business are gaining an increasing popularity in today’s marketplace. They do not only function as an alternative to your traditional phone system, but are also the ideal choice for getting greater functionality, reducing costs, boosting productivity and improving customer services. IP telephony is an advanced technology that uses a single infrastructure for data and voice and allows sending and receiving audio and video files as well as wired and wireless communication via a unified network. There are many reasons that justify the decision to make the switch over to IP and VoIP phones.

You can enjoy the benefits of seamless extension dialing between branches on your private network, by using IP Phone and VoIP phone’s. It is very easy to use and is inexpensive. As well, when compared to traditional phone systems, it helps to connect all your offices together; no matter which Provence or country they are located in and helps you manage them as one large office. This not only helps in the improvement of the effectiveness of your office management, but also helps to eliminate long distance charges between your branch locations. In order to fully reap the benefits of IP and VoIP phones, you need to choose a reliable service provider, who would offer all the essential features at an affordable price.

Scalability is one of the most important reasons behind the popularity of IP phone and VoIP phones for business. Adding a new phone to the existing phone system is very easy and inexpensive. You need not incur expenditures on installing a new line. You can add a new phone to the existing infrastructure quickly and easily, which is impossible in case of traditional phones. Improved voice quality is another important advantage of IP and VoIP phone. Once you choose this phone for your business, you need not worry about packet loss or latency problems that affect voice quality. The voice packet stays on the private network, ensuring that the quality is higher, rather than when run over the PSTN. This method does away with all issues regarding consistency and quality.

As the virtual office system is becoming more popular, many companies are looking for an effective solution that would help them keep in touch with their home-based employees. If your office has home based workers, using an IP phone or a VoIP phone for business can provide you with plenty of benefits. You can connect with your home based workers easily and cost effectively via DSL or cable internet. You can locate your employees from anywhere in the world. IP phone and VoIP phone also helps to connect with traveling workers without any difficulty. The arrangement that makes use of IP phone combined with VoIP using internet makes it easy to manage your business operations easily, economically and effectively.

With an IP phone or VoIP Phone for business, they help you to get rid of the troubles of making bulk investments to meet your communication needs. When compared to a traditional phone system, it is cheaper and much more effective. It not only helps saves you money, but also offers significant time savings. The maintenance charges are extremely reasonable and you can diagnose and solve problems effortlessly and quickly too. For more information on IP Phone Systems, please visit our website.