Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Amazing Avaya IP PBX

Before we get anywhere with the Avaya IP PBX, we need to understand the true capabilities and functions of an IP PBX. This term is, in fact, an abbreviation for Internet Protocol (IP) Private Branch Exchange (PBX). An IP PBX does the job of inter-operating with the ordinary Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) to transfer video and voice across a data network. In short, you can use these phones to make voice calls as well as conference calls over the internet. In fact, this is one of the most feasible ways used by many companies to cut costs in communication.

However, in order to make the most of the IP PBX technology, it is important that you have good quality equipment installed. The Avaya IP PBX is one such name that checks all the boxes. This all-in-one phone from Avaya is designed to fulfill all the communication requirements of various kinds of businesses. The IP PBX from Avaya is based on a Modular design that allows anything from three to 360 extensions to meet the requirements of an organization. The instrument is perfect for branch offices, head offices, stand-alone business setups as well as home based work stations. It also supports a wide range of phone systems making it much easier on companies who wish to install Avaya within their existing communication infrastructure.

This instrument has been designed keeping the requirements of SMBs in mind. The versatile system provides business owners with a wide variety of options and functionality. The Avaya IP PBX offers data and voice communication solutions in an integrated package. So, to put it differently, the system is an ideal way to get complete and comprehensive communication solutions for a range of businesses. Avaya’s IP PBX streamlines intra-organizational communication and also makes managerial processes much easier. Thus, it is a convenient solution for employees as well as managers.

A system such as the IP PBX from Avaya is also a great way to maintain consistent and high quality communication with customers. These systems provide hassle free communication to help customers anywhere they may be. Ensuring the usage of right kinds of phones will bring out the true capabilities of the Avaya IP PBX.

The instrument has been designed with vision and consideration for business owners. The IP PBX from Avaya can be scaled up to 360 endpoints with more than 200 trunks. This gives medium and small businesses the required room to grow. So even if you have to start off small, with Avaya, you do not need to worry about the size of your infrastructure even if your company undergoes rapid growth.

These phones can be easily linked via, a standard data network. This gives users access to some great features such as call centers, centralized voice mail along with rich transparency. Avaya IP PBX also allows users to access it from their desktop PCs or laptops using access control. This exchange takes place under heavy firewall security so protection of privacy is something you don’t need to worry about at all. For more information on our selection of Avaya Products, please visit our website.

Determining your Office Telephone System Needs

Many types of phone systems are available for business usage. Whether you have a small office environment or a large company, selecting the right office telephone system can help you stay ahead of your competitors. Spending some time in understanding your business requirements can help you opt for the right system that will help you increase your productivity and profitability. It is worth thinking about the features that would benefit your business, before contacting phone system vendors and dealers.

It is advisable to start off with an assessment of your business needs. You need to determine how many lines and extensions you need right now how many would be required in future. Failing to plan for your future growth can cost you more in future. Switching from one phone system to another to accommodate the needs of growing business is not only expensive, but is highly time consuming as well. If your business is expected grow over time, you need to choose an office telephone system that is easily scalable. Hosted PBX and VoIP phone systems are the best options that can help you meet your growing business needs with minimum effort and costs.

You need to determine the features and services your business will need, before investing in an office telephone system. Effective incoming call management, call holding, call recording, call forwarding, call parking and call waiting are some of the essential features of growing businesses. Direct inward dialing and speed dialing are the best features for efficient outgoing call management. Voice mailbox, monitoring features, reporting facilities, user directions, and password protected security and conference facilities are some other essential features to look for in a phone system, as they help you handle your business communication requirements in an effective manner. It also helps to build a good impression in the minds of your customers and clients. Apart from these essential features, some phone systems offer advanced features like call queuing, call flipping, automated call waiting and Fine- Me. Optional features can surely give you an extra edge. However, it is advisable to assess whether your business actually needs all these features, so that you can avoid incurring unnecessary expenditure.

It is also important to check whether the office telephone system vendor you want to use is a reliable one. You need to look for their customer service policies and find out whether they set up the phone system in your office and train you and your staff with the telephone system. You also need to make sure that the vendor will offer ongoing support, so that all problems are resolved quickly and effectively. If the vendor or dealer offers a demo of the phone system, you can make use of that opportunity to check whether it offers all the features that are required in your business.

You can spend some time in comparing quotes from various vendors, before spending your money on a particular office telephone system. Though the cost of the phone system is not the sole determining factor, you should try to find out a vendor who offers the best phone system that suits your needs and budget.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

The User Friendly Nortel PBX

The Nortel PBX is a telephone exchange in itself which can be used by various businesses and companies for large scale communication. A Private Branch Exchange or PBX is reserved for the communications within that organization. One of the best features of the PBX from Nortel is that it can be used for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communications as well. This variation of the PBX from Nortel is commonly known as an IP-PBX. Many companies these days offer IP-PBX systems but when it comes to quality and prices, not many of them come close to Nortel.

Business owners across the globe have now understood the relevance of quality communications equipment for the betterment of their business. The Nortel PBX is one such system that not only delivers good quality but also does it at manageable rates. Almost every business needs to deal with heavy communication to get their act together. Any glitches in communication can lead to fatal breakdowns in the company’s operations. This is usually an area where a lot of companies lose out on. However, by the time they realize this, it’s normally too late. Thankfully, enterprises such as Nortel are making things a bit easier for business owners. Advanced and convenient communication solutions are quite easy to acquire these days due to their presence.

PBX systems were once only seen in large businesses. Small and medium businesses could not dream about PBX systems on account of smaller number of employees. However, products such as the Nortel PBX ensured that this trend has changed. These days, even if you own a small, consumer-size business, you can find a suitable PBX for your requirements. Most of these PBX systems are now as robust and flexible as commercial PBX systems. They are packed with features that the small business owner once could only dream of. This is what companies such as Nortel have done. They have brought the power of good communication infrastructure to small businesses as well.

Having an IP enabled PBX or IP-PBX from Nortel adds to the advantages already available to you. Using VoIP technology for communication means that you do not spend anything compared to original telephone rates. Again, Nortel PBX is highly flexible and can be used for up to 300 users. Nortel gives you the power of scalability as well. Even if you start out small and plan to expand later, these systems have enough upgrading capacity. So if you are doing well in your business and need to go for expansion, you do not need to think twice before changing your infrastructure.

These systems can perform numerous functions that are extremely handy in any business setup. You can use the network to connect two different phones. This connection can be maintained for as long as you require them. Once you are done with the conversation, all the necessary records of the conversation such as duration and accounting details are kept intact. Various other features such as call blocking, accounting, call forwarding, call waiting, conference calls, direct inward dialing, automatic ring back etc. can also be performed with Nortel PBX systems. This truly gives your business the upper hand in terms of communication.

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Breakdown on the Tppes of Business Phone Systems

All E businesses, irrespective of their sizes, need such phone systems that can increase and improve their dealing services with customers. These systems can assist a business to maintain proper communication with their customers with the help of various amazing communication services. Planning and installation are the two most critical parts of any phone system. If you are looking for a phone system for business, then you will definitely require a professional expert; who can help you get the best cabling plan and install the system in your office in a way that can make the entire communication process simpler for you as well as your clients. When searching for the ideal phone system, you will come across various types of phone systems that operate on internet protocol networks. These phone systems not only help you to connect with clients but also with your workers.

If you are running a business, you’re probably aware of the fact that a phone system can make or break your business. Owning the right phone system is extremely important. Selecting the right phone system can make the difference between facing problems to satisfy end users and having a successful business. Before choosing a phone system for your business, there are various things that have to be taken into consideration. A business owner needs a phone system that is future-oriented, scalable and flexible. While choosing a phone system, it is best to select wisely. The final decision would critically depend on the company size and the number of phone lines needed.

There are basically three main types of phone systems that are available in the market. These three kinds of phone systems are KSU-less mobile phone, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Private branch exchange system (PBX). The very first type of phone system is KSU, which stands for Key System Unit. This type of phone system can support up to ten telephone line extensions. However, it is not permanently wired into the company phone line and can be moved to different places. This type of phone system is normally ideal for small scale businesses. This phone system for business is extremely cost effective too, with its prices ranging from $130 to $225 for each telephone unit. Most of the business owners choose this phone system since it is very reasonable and cheap. Individual users are required to personally buy, fix, plan and maintain this type of phone system themselves.

Another type of phone system for business available in the market is VoIP (voice over internet protocol). It is one of the fastest phone systems currently available. Also known as Packet Switched Connection, VoIP helps to transfer voice, faxes and various other types of information. This technology can be used by large, medium and small scale businesses since it is very convenient and affordable.

Finally, there is the PBX phone system. The full form of PBX is private branch exchange system. If you want better services and functionality, supporting a minimum of forty phone line extensions, then it is the best idea to choose this phone system for business. This system can be easily placed on a desktop and uses advanced technology features. Most of the PBX systems are totally programmable and normally costs $800 - $1000 for each user. They are ideally suited for any company size. For more information on the various business telephone systems, please visit our website.