Friday, February 24, 2012

What is SIP Trunking and how SIP can help you

Many organizations are looking to SIP trunking as the most cost-effective and flexible way to transition to IP-based services. A SIP (session initiation protocol) trunk is probably the next biggest evolution in the telecommunications industry to date. It saves money and simplifies your telecom infrastructure. Simplicity in today’s fast-paced and complex world is what most business owners strive for when looking to streamline their business.

A SIP trunk easily blends the connection for both data and voice into a single line. SIP trunking is used in conjunction with an IP-PBX (Private Branch Exchange) to replace traditional PRI or analog circuits. SIP is quickly becoming the standard technology that businesses use to make and receive their everyday telephone calls. The growing popularity of SIP trunks can be directly attributed to the cost savings, increased reliability, added features and flexibility that they encourage.

SIP trunking benefits are endless. Cost savings is probably the most important because it drastically reduces your overhead operational expenses. BroadConnect’s SIP Trunks help you take advantage of cost-free communications across multiple locations as well. The increase in the efficiency and flexibility of your business operations is also an added benefit. The administration of our Internet Telephony services is managed through a simple web-based system. You get to save money and increase your company’s productivity.

You also receive regular telephone features with SIP trunking such as call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding and conference calling. You also gain many new features that are just not possible with a standard phone line like directory listings, toll free numbers and more; the possibilities are endless.

BroadConnect is an industry leading telecom solutions provider that empowers businesses to succeed by ensuring they have access to the most advanced and state-of-the-art communication services in the marketplace today. We are committed to adhering to the highest ethical standards. It is our belief that our growth depends upon teamwork and the motivated spirit of the company. Our success as a company is directly related to our customers. We’ll therefore do whatever it takes to keep you happy and satisfied.

Our consumers are our most valuable assets and we are committed to rewarding you with unparalleled service and the most advanced solutions available. We pledge to be honest, sincere and transparent in our dealings with our customers, vendors and employees. It is our goal to exceed your expectations and deliver you the highest degree of personalized service and innovative communications solutions. Our focus is on your success and helping you achieve the goals you have in place for your business.

We understand these decisions can be difficult ones to make. A big change to newer technology can be daunting. We’re here to make it as seamless as possible for you and your business. It is time for you to let us handle the maintenance of technology while you focus on the higher value goals for your company. Feel free to contact us today or visit our website for more information. Let us show you how we can make SIP Trunking will work for you.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Tips for choosing the best office telephone system

Most of the businesses rely on an office telephone system nowadays, in order to execute their day to day office work smoothly and effectively. In the past, only large companies required feature rich telephone systems. They were so expensive that small businesses could not afford to even consider them. Small and medium businesses relied on the conventional phone systems to send and receive communication. However, the trend has changed recently. Many phone system options are available to small and medium businesses, which help them, improve their business communication and productivity. You may be overwhelmed with the phone system options available. It is however important to choose the best system that suits your business needs and budget.

Small businesses look for cost effective office telephone systems that offers myriad of features and flexibility. Before choosing a phone system, consider the exact needs of your business. You need to consider some important things like the number of employees in your organization, the number of locations in your office that would require phone service, your current broadband connection type, lines and bandwidth, your current network load, your existing phone system details and what your budget is. Getting as much information about your current situation as possible can help you choose the right phone system.

Before choosing an office telephone system, determine whether you need or want to keep the existing lines. If you need those lines, you can go for a phone system that allows you to use your existing lines and equipment. You need to look for the important features you need in a phone system to manage your business communication effectually. For instance, if you do not have a receptionist or operator to attend phone calls, you can consider choosing a phone system that offers the auto attendant feature. You also need to decide whether you need features like caller ID, call routing, call forwarding, voice mail, live call recording and other associated features. These features are becoming more essential for all modern offices, so you can go for a phone system that helps you get most of the features at a fair price.

Office telephone system is a crucial investment decision, so you need to consider your future expansion plans before spending your money in it. Consider how fast you will grow the system and how frequently you will be making changes to the office infrastructure to accommodate the growth. You can opt for a system that is easily scalable, so that you can avoid many hassles in the future. As a small business owner, you may not be able to afford high capital expenditure. Sometimes, installing a new system unintentionally require you to purchase new equipment for maintaining compatibility. Hence, it would be in your best interests to check whether the phone system you want to choose is compatible with your existing equipment.

The best office telephone system is the one that offers great value for your money. It comes with the features that suit your unique needs. You can save a lot of time, build better customer relationship and increase your business productivity with the help of beneficial features offered by the best phone system.

For more information on Office telephone packages offered by Broadconnect, please visit our website.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What is the best performing phone system for business?

Effective communication is the most integral aspect of any successful business, so choosing the best phone system for business can help you gain a variety of benefits. With an effective phone system, you can offer better service to your customers, increase the productivity of your employees and enhance the way you carry out your business operations. There is no single best communication solution for all businesses. A phone system that works great for one company may not be suitable for another. Therefore, you need to first determine your communication needs and the projected budget. Doing a little bit research on the popular commercial phone systems on the market can help you make an informed decision.

While looking for a phone system for business, you need to consider the volume of business that your company handles. The total number of external phone lines used by your company and extensions required for every piece of equipment within your company connecting to the phone system are the major factors to be considered. A phone system may handle your current business communication traffic effectively. However, you need to make sure whether it can accommodate the consequences of your growth in future as well. The best system is one that can be easily updated or modified in a very cost effective manner. It scales well, no matter whether you are a small, medium or large business. It does not even require the help of professionals to expand the lines. You can simply do it by following the instructions provided by the service provider.

You need to opt for a secure and reliable phone system for business, which provide you with all the essential features. Auto attendant is an important feature, especially for small businesses that cannot afford to hire a receptionist or office attendant just to attend calls. This feature is crucial in a phone system, even if you have higher volume of calls. Conferencing is another important feature to look for. Phone systems like VoIP offer teleconferencing, video conferencing and three way conferencing at extremely affordable charges. The phone system that comes with rich features helps increase your business productivity dramatically. If these features are not included in a phone system, you may need to pay separately to avail them, which makes it an unnecessarily expensive option.

Before selecting a phone system for business, ensure whether it is compatible with your existing communication equipment. Also ensure that it is easy to access. Choosing some phone systems may require you to give complete training to operate and maintain. Many employees are not willing to devote time to learn how to use a phone system, so you need to ensure that the phone system you choose is user friendly and its functions are uncomplicated and intuitive.

If your business needs to use the phone system extensively, you need to look for some advanced features like automatic call forwarding and call convergence. The phone system for business that offers these features at affordable rates is worth considering. If your business involves handling high volume of calls, choosing the right phone system that handles them effectively can help enhance your efficiency in day to day operations. It is also important to choose a business phone system dealer that offers reliable services to meet your business needs as and when they arise.

For more information please visit Broadconnect Telecoms business phone system section.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Nortel BCM Makes Life Easier

The Nortel BCM or the Nortel Business Communications Manager is the perfect solution to facilitate quicker and easier business communication with its all-in-one converged voice and data communication system. This suits small and medium business models perfectly. This system is extremely flexible and can function as fast and efficiently as communication management systems used by big business houses.

Some of the efficient features and benefits of the Nortel BCM include:

• The system is expandable with the aid of BCM 50 expansion cabinets and BCM modules

• There is voice over IP available for IP phones and IP tracking

• You can operate 4-12 phones

• Small businesses can now easily transfer themselves to an IP communication system as well as upgrade themselves in a seamless fashion.

• Despite being a Linux based phone system; this unit possesses all the VoIP features as well as the structures present in a normal phone system.

• The BCM 200, BCM 400 and the Meridian 1 Switches are some of the other IP’s with which Nortel BCM phone systems can tie up and function.

• It has a built-in system and software that can support 40 digital Norstar phones and 32 IP phones.

• It also has the unique feature of unified messaging via key code.

• Fax and voice messages can be easily transferred to your email

• Ability to support 4 analog phones

• Apt for Call center functions which are performed with the help of key codes that are built into the system.

• A caller ID log of 600

• An interactive voice response system

• Hunt groups of 30

• Can support 10 voicemail ports and 1000 Voicemail Boxes

• The Nortel BCM can get connected easily to remote IP phones and organizations

• Speed dial of 255

• It is easy to work on Outlook and other computer systems as this has Computer Telephony Integration or CTI which makes it computer friendly.

• A voicemail storage of 100 hours

The features mentioned above are just some of the many applications and features included in this amazing communication system. Those who have used this unique communication system have truly benefited from its features. Most of the reviews written by customers will give you a fair idea of how this phone system has helped to simplify business communication. Most of the customers of the Nortel BCM feel that this is definitely one of the most flexible corporate communication systems available. Apart from flexibility the function ability of this system has also attracted customers across the globe. It is by far the best system to manage your voice mails.

This system is so far the only converged voice/data solution provider. The system works like a dream for small businesses. The IP routing and data services offered by this system are highly advanced and effective. So if you are looking for a complete voice and data service manager, there can really be no competition or choice other than the Nortel BCM. Be it interactive voice response, auto attendant or even unified messaging, this system has it all and packs phenomenal punch. The best part about this system is that it is 100% cost effective and has a network structure that is easy to understand and operate, making your small or medium business network management a walk in the park.

For more information on Nortel’s BCM please visit our website Avaya Phone System.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What makes the best, VoIP Provider?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a great alternative to traditional phone systems for businesses, both small and large. A lower operational cost is one of the most important benefits of VoIP. You can gain access to many useful features like low charges for long distance and local calls, ability to get connected with your employees from any place and much more. With more and more people turning to options for VoIP technology, many VoIP providers have come up with an extensive range of services. Choosing the best VoIP provider can help improve your business productivity and reduce your operating costs significantly.

If you have decided to switch to VoIP, you need to do some research and find out the right VoIP provider who offers the features that meet your exact business needs and falls within your budget. The quality of business communication is crucial for the effective functioning of any business model. Hence, it is important to check whether the service provider takes care of delivering crystal clear voice quality. Some VoIP providers offer a trial period of service. You can make use of this offer to check the efficacy of hardware and service provided. You can also confirm that the service provider allows you to keep your existing phone numbers, so that your business communication process remains unaffected.

Cost is an important aspect to consider while choosing a VoIP provider. Compare the charges and features offered by the service provider and determine whether their charges are affordable. Ensure that you compare the same type of VoIP service and cost between various VoIP providers. Taking a decision based only on the cost may not be wise. Shop around and choose a provider who offers the most reliable service at the most affordable rates. You also need to confirm whether the service provider will offer prompt service, so that you can carry on your business operations without any interruption.

If you have branches or clients in foreign countries, you need to choose the VoIP provider who allows you to make unlimited international calls at a reasonable charge. Also check whether the calling plan you want to choose comes with emergency services, so that you can avoid many complications in business communication in future. If you are new to VoIP technology, you can go for a service provider who requires you to download nothing. You can check whether the service provider offers the right guidance to build your business communication infrastructure quickly and easily.

An established VoIP provider would offer a lot of add-on features for free, such as call waiting, call forwarding, teleconferencing, three-way calling and video conferencing. The service provider that offers impeccable customer service and technical support would need to be sought out before making a decision. They help simplify your business communication network and deliver powerful solutions that are easy to use. They also offer various scalable options, so you can increase your calling capabilities easily. Choosing a service provider who has experience and expertise in providing VoIP technology can help you get the best out of your communication system. You can also save hundreds of dollars in your phone bill.

For more information on our Hosted Services please visit BroadConnect’s Website for more information on our VoIP Services.