Monday, January 30, 2012

There is a lot of buzz around IP and VoIP phones nowadays. However, you can avail the real benefits of VoIP phone and IP communications, only if you can transform your business communication structure into a smart communication system with the help of SIP (Session Initiation protocol. Many businesses are recognizing the advantages of incorporating SIP phone into their communication infrastructure. SIP can be used with many types of IP communication products like phones, soft phones, instant messaging systems, PBX (private branch exchange) systems and video conferencing systems. SIP enabled phones help revolutionize the way you handle your business communications.

SIP phone offers the most simple and most cost effective way to update your traditional phone system and convert it to an IP based system. It not only saves you a lot of money, but also helps you simplify your telecommunication infrastructure. You can use a SIP trunking device to carry data and voice traffic over a single line. Increased reliability and greater flexibility are the main advantages of SIP. You can save around 40% of your traditional line rental charges by adoption SIP technology. It helps reduce the charge of local and long distance calls significantly.

SIP phone helps you achieve most of your business goals like improving your customer experience, enhancing workforce productivity and minimizing your operating costs. It provides your staff and customers with various avenues for communication quickly and clearly. It allows you and your workforce to have greater control over technology and simplify the management process. This greatly enhances the efficacy and flexibility of your business operations. It offers a rich communication experience and provides all the essential aspects to your business to better serve your customers. Simplified structure of SIP promotes interoperability, whilst allowing your business to minimize operation costs. With SIP, your business can be better accessible, which makes it easy for your customers to reach you and for you to reach your customers.

Scalability is one of the main reasons for why you need to opt for SIP phone for your business. It is crucial at some stages to expand your business communications. Your attempt to expand communication should not affect the business process in anyway. SIP grows with your business and makes it easy to expand business communication. It scales well for any business, no matter whether it is small, medium or large. You can port your existing numbers, add extra voice channels or create a virtual presence for your business effortlessly and quickly. SIP can support multiple devices within a single communication session. It gives you and your employees the ability to communicate through more than one window.

SIP enabled communication solutions provides the convenience of a better interaction between your employees through speech, telephone keypad, keyboard and mouse. Today, communication networks are complex and expensive to operate and maintain. When compared to all other networks, SIP phone is the most simple communication network that reduces your operation and maintenance costs. SIP is a versatile protocol that helps enhance the quality of communication. It simplifies your life and keeps you in control of your communication devices rather than having them control you.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Top reasons to choose a VoIP Telephone System

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology has rapidly turned out to be an integral component of many business models in recent times. It offers plenty of benefits to small, medium and large businesses. It brought in an important improvement in the field of telecommunications- the capability to transmit voice over a data network. VoIP telephone system plays a crucial role when expanding your business and enhancing its productivity. Improving the customer service is the key to the success of any business. With VoIP technology, you are provided with the opportunity to better your customer service radically. Switching from traditional business phone system to VoIP can help you save a significant amount of money in phone bills too.

VoIP technology integrates voice and data onto a single cohesive network. This helps you get easy access to information, advanced functionality and great flexibility. The unified infrastructure is easier and more economical to maintain. VoIP telephone lets you take the office with you, wherever you go. You can access the phone system through any device connected to the internet at any time and from anywhere. This is more beneficial, if you have home base employees. You and your employees can check voicemail and email with VoIP. They can access project data and make calls over a single network. VoIP phone system can be integrated with some other systems like Customer Relationship Management in your office. This helps increase productivity to a great extent.

VoIP telephone allows you to enjoy greater flexibility. It scales immediately to accommodate your changing business needs. You can easily make changes in the system without relying on professionals. You can install new phones or set call routing preferences on your own. Rearranging desktop is so simple that you just need to unplug and move it to another outlet. There is no need to buy any expensive equipment or rewiring for rearrangement. VoIP allows you to enjoy many features that are either unavailable or costly on traditional PBX system. These features include auto attendant, electronic messaging, advanced call forwarding and three way conferencing.

Switching to VoIP telephone can help cut your telecommunication expenses by around 30%. Unlike PBX, VoIP does not require you to make a heavy investment. There are many hosted service providers who offer affordable cost of entry. You can even go for monthly subscriptions offered by some reliable service providers. The unified infrastructure helps reduce the maintenance costs as well. It is more flexible and easy to maintain in comparison to the traditional phone lines. As calls are transmitted over the internet, the cost of long distance calls is reduced drastically.

VoIP telephone system may be the best solution for businesses that are looking for more efficient and faster business communication solutions. In today’s volatile economic scenario, businesses, especially small and medium ones are looking for ways to reduce their operational costs significantly to survive. They find it beneficial to switch to VoIP system. VoIP technology ensures that you have access to high quality, uninterrupted services at cheaper prices. There are many VoIP service providers offering a wide range of packages. Analyzing the features of each package can help you choose the right service that suits the exact needs of your business.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Top 5 reasons to use the IP Telephone System for your business

IP telephone system has revolutionized the way communication avenues are utilized in an office setting. It converts voice conversations into data packets and then transmits them over data networks. You can make use of the standard IP data network to transmit all kinds of media, such as voice, data, and even multimedia content such as video or pictures. Lower voice networking costs, administration costs, simplified network management structure, increased communication capabilities, workforce productivity and enhanced customer satisfaction are the key benefits of an IP phone system.

Many businesses still use a network system that carries voice and data separately. This design has numerous inadequacies. Higher equipment installation and maintenance costs are the most prevalent issues of this architecture. IP telephone system leads to the convergence of data and voice onto a single network. This eliminates most of the inefficiencies of traditional networking models. Lower costs is the most important reason that drives many businesses to adopt IP phone system. It can also offer plenty of features that help you generate significant productivity gains. Reduced telecommunication cost is another important reason that influences the decision by businesses to switch to IP telephony. Since it eliminates the need for dedicated bandwidth for voice conversations, you can transmit more data and voice per unit of available bandwidth. This helps you save up to 40% in your telecom bills.

Operational and management expenses of traditional PBX systems are much higher than those of IP telephone system. If you want to move an extension or activate a phone, the traditional phone system costs you around $100 to $200. It also involves the work of technicians from the PBX manufacturer. This is not at all an issue in IP telephony. You can add, move or change a phone effortlessly and manage these tasks using simple web based tools. IP phone system facilitates easy and swift scalability to accommodate your business growth. IP telephony eliminates the need for numerous communication systems and devices, which not only reduce the cost, but also simplifies management considerably.

IP telephone system lets you make a set of common features available to all employees in your company. This can help increase their productivity and boost team spirit, while reducing training costs. Hunt group is another useful feature offered by IP telephony solution. This feature helps to answer all the calls by a live person rather than a voice mail. Enabling this feature can greatly enhance customer satisfaction.

With an IP telephone system, you can deploy productivity enhancing applications like voice mails and unified messaging anywhere in the network. The applications are accessible by many people at the same time and from anywhere, where there is an IP connection. This helps reduce equipment expenses, whilst increasing your business productivity. You can keep in contact with your remote and mobile employees easily, which in turn helps ensure a smooth business communication process. You can make any employee a member of a call center group, using IP phone system. This allows the employees assigned with this duty to receive and respond to customer calls from anywhere. This in turn helps improve customer return percentage and provides a competitive and efficient working environment.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

IP Phones and why you should use VoIP Phone for Business

IP Phone and VoIP phone for business help you enjoy the benefits of voice and data network convergence, while offering more convenience and user friendliness. They can help improve your productivity by meeting the exact needs of your organization. You can save a lot of money by choosing the right IP and VoIP phone solution. IP and VoIP phone system is easier to install and maintain. It is far more effective, when compared to traditional PBX systems that can be installed and managed only by professionals. You can avail of many useful features that can help boost your workforce productivity and enhance customer service.

You can go for IP phone and VoIP phone for business, if you want to avoid the hassles in managing the traditional phone systems. The web based configuration interface in VoIP phones make it effortless to manage and fine tune your phone system. It is relatively easy and extremely cost effective to make calls between your branch offices at various locations. In other words, you can connect your offices and make them act as one large office, regardless of their locations. This brings down the cost of making long distance calls significantly. You can connect your offices on your own private network as well, so that you can get functionality advantages.

If you are running a home based business or have numerous work-from-home employees, choosing IP Phone and VoIP phone for business can offer you plenty of benefits. It enables you to connect your home based employee to your office phone system via internet cable or DSL easily. IP and VoIP phone also makes it easy and cost effective to connect employees who are constantly on the go. You can connect with your employee, no matter where he/she is. IP and VoIP phone system helps you carry out your business without any interruption.

IP phone and VoIP phone for business allows you to use one cabling infrastructure to transfer voice and data simultaneously. You can therefore save a lot of money in installing separate cabling infrastructure for each network. You can also get cut costs significantly when you are setting up a new office or moving to another office. Scalability is yet another reason for why you need to choose this system for your business. Traditional PBX phone systems need additional hardware to add a new phone to the system, whereas IP phone system is easily scalable. You can add as many extensions as you need at any time you want with amazing ease.

IP phone and VoIP phone for business let you avail more features, such as auto attendant, call queuing, call forwarding and voice mail. Traditional phone systems require you to pay separately for these features. IP and VoIP phone allows you to check the current system status and calls through a web browser effortlessly. It also enables you to divert calls from anywhere in the world. Easy roaming is one of the most attractive features of IP phones that help business outfits doing international businesses save a lot of time and money. For more information on VoIP for Business, please visit

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Things to look for before choosing a business phone system

The recent advancement in technology has revolutionized the way communication is carried out in a business setting. Business phone system is available in various configurations, offering an extensive array of features and benefits. With so many phone system options available, you may be confused as to what would be the right choice for your business. Considering some important aspects can help you make a smart decision. It is worth to ensure that your phone system is flexible enough to meet your current and future business needs and handle all communication avenues in an effective manner. You also need to make sure the phone system you choose is compatible with the equipment you already own, such as cabling, headsets, handsets and conferencing equipment.

Before planning to implement a new business phone system, you need to do a thorough introspection into your business requirements. You need to check whether your work force requires rich media conferencing tools or whether the employees need a phone number that rings on multiple devices simultaneously. Video conferencing, wireless IP phones allowing employees to access data easily, mobile soft phones and unified messaging are some of the important features required by any modern office to make business communication effective. Look for these features in the phone system you choose.

Making the decision for the appropriate phone system that offers a lot of optional features can give you an extra edge over your competition in crunch situations. You can check whether the phone system offers auto attendant feature. This feature not only frees your staff from answering the calls every time, but also helps build a stronger brand image for your business. If you want to expand your business and hire more employees in future, you will need more extensions and phones. You need to consider possible future growth potential while choosing a business phone system. Your business may be small now and it may need very few lines and phones. However, if you are planning to expand in the next 2 or 3 years, switching the entire phone system to add some new lines will obviously incur huge costs and pose to be a technical nightmare. The scalability of the business phone system is therefore an important feature to be considered. It should allow you to add or remove some new lines without any hassles.

The cost of business phone system is another crucial thing to be considered. Number of employees in your office, future upgrades and specific features play a vital role in determining the price of the phone system. If you have more than 100 employees, you can consider choosing the PBX phone system. Though the initial cost is more, it is definitely worth the money you invest. If you are on a tight budget, but want to use an effective phone system, hosted PBX may be the right option for you. Hosted PBX requires you to incur fixed monthly operating expenses, which make it an attractive option for small businesses.

Business phone system is the lifeblood of any business, regardless of whether it is a small organization or a large one. The functionality and growth prospects of your business depends largely on an effective communication system. Hence, choosing the right phone system after considering all the crucial factors is important. For more information please visit

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Should you choose a Hosted PBX system?

An up to date office phone system is an integral and crucial staple of today’s organization. No matter the size, big or small, the ability to effectively communicate internally and with the end user is the life blood of any organization. If you happen to own a small to medium sized business, there are a number of options with regards to upgrading or installing new business phone systems. Over the past couple of years there has been a huge business push towards Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) and VoIP phone systems. By assessing your business’ current needs, they both can offer a number of enhanced features that can not only enhance your business’ productivity but cut unnecessary costs.

PBX systems were once only a technology that a large company could afford for their telephony needs. Now, with the Hosted PBX, this technology is now widely available to the small and large corporations alike. With a hosted PBX solution, it offers the same increased productivity by using a single unified office phone system. By purchasing a hosted solution as opposed to the traditional PBX, you are relieved of the extensive upfront cost and provided a sophisticated technology that keeps you up to date with today’s technology. Finding and partnering with a service provider that is reputable will also offer you a greater bang for your buck. A good provider will offer you a reliable, secure and an ultra-fast solution for your business.
There are a plethora of options when choosing an onsite IP PBX solution. By customizing the IP PBX, it will simplify the network management and improve the effectiveness of your office phone system. The IP PBX amalgamates data and voice traffic on a single connection, which makes the services much easier to manage on a whole.

If you have a traditional PRI (Primary Rate Interface) or looking into a new office phone system, SIP Trunking may be the route for you. It not only offers immense cost savings versus traditional phone lines, it amalgamates and converts voice lines to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) over the internet. SIP trunks coupled with an IP PBX system, are a great alternative to the traditional voice lines and are garnering much deserved popularity by most of the leading companies, worldwide. The beauty with SIP Trunking connections are that they can be used through a PRI service or your traditional analog business phone lines. A legacy PBX will flawlessly integrate into the new SIP trunks. As mentioned prior, the line will eliminate your expensive phone lines and save you hundreds of dollars.

When it comes to a small to medium sized business, you should take every and all steps to reduce operating expenses. The more money you save, the more your business will mature. A hosted PBX office phone system is the best way that you can reduce one of your greatest operating expenses. Whether you need to add or subtract lines, a reliable service provider can handle your up or downgrades with the greatest of ease. For more information on PBX systems please visit,