Thursday, November 11, 2010

The benefits of IP PBX phone system over a traditional PBX phone!

Adapting the latest cutting edge technology for business communications has always proved beneficial for small to large scale businesses. Most businesses depend heavily on effective communication needs required to increase productivity and also satisfy customer needs. And to meet these demands efficiently, companies are switching over from traditional PBX phones to IP PBX phone systems.
IP Phones are the latest in business telecommunications which uses VoIP technology to make calls anywhere and anytime. IP telephones have become indispensable for small, medium as well as large organizations for making cheap calls as compared to the traditional PBX phones.

The benefits of an IP PBX phone system are enormous:

Making national as well as international calls has become really cheap, easy and fast. There are no line disruptions or faulty wirings or extremely high rental charges. Capital expenditures have reduced to a great extent.

This is a highly innovative technology using the combination of phone and an Internet connection, with no need to rely on the mercy of telecom service providers. IP phones are the latest in Internet telephony service that has made the legacy phone systems a thing of the past.

Apart from low calling rates, call waiting, 3-way calling, caller ID, and call hold along with network services such as Wi-Fi, GPRS, 3G are some of the other added advantages of IP PBX phone systems.

Conference calling, video conversation, and many more feature rich options are now on the tip of your fingers.

The advent of Voice over IP Phone service is indeed a windfall for organizations that need to make many calls and yet have to cut down on phone charges.

Moving to an IP Phone provides next generation service in the critical area of business communications, making your workforce more efficient and effective.

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