Thursday, November 11, 2010

IP telephones has proved to be a safe, secure and cost-effective technology!

IP telephones or Internet telephony solutions are gaining in popularity in almost all sectors including the telecom industry, finance, media, the travel & tourism industry, call centres and many more. The innumerable multi-purpose communication features of IP phones is one of the main reasons for its growing demand amongst varied fields of the business sector. 

An IP phone uses VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol technologies making it possible for businesses to make phone calls over an IP network such as the Internet. Ordinary PSTN phones can also be used as IP phones with the help of ATA or analog telephony adaptors. With the help of an IP PBX phone system businesses have added scalability, reliability and efficiency to their communication system. 

Broad-Connect, an established service provider of VoIP telephony offers IP telephony services with a unique architectural approach for small, medium and large business organizations all over Canada. Their IP telephony solutions are appropriate and suitable to meet all requirements including upgrading of communication infrastructure, relocating or moving offices, and growing your business. Their advanced features include hosted PBX systems, SIP Trunking and IP PBX systems.

Reliable service providers like Broad-Connect offer best rates and quality service with long lasting IP PBX phone systems accompanied with innumerable added features that help organizations to gain maximum profit.

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