Monday, April 16, 2012

The User Friendly Nortel PBX

The Nortel PBX is a telephone exchange in itself which can be used by various businesses and companies for large scale communication. A Private Branch Exchange or PBX is reserved for the communications within that organization. One of the best features of the PBX from Nortel is that it can be used for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communications as well. This variation of the PBX from Nortel is commonly known as an IP-PBX. Many companies these days offer IP-PBX systems but when it comes to quality and prices, not many of them come close to Nortel.

Business owners across the globe have now understood the relevance of quality communications equipment for the betterment of their business. The Nortel PBX is one such system that not only delivers good quality but also does it at manageable rates. Almost every business needs to deal with heavy communication to get their act together. Any glitches in communication can lead to fatal breakdowns in the company’s operations. This is usually an area where a lot of companies lose out on. However, by the time they realize this, it’s normally too late. Thankfully, enterprises such as Nortel are making things a bit easier for business owners. Advanced and convenient communication solutions are quite easy to acquire these days due to their presence.

PBX systems were once only seen in large businesses. Small and medium businesses could not dream about PBX systems on account of smaller number of employees. However, products such as the Nortel PBX ensured that this trend has changed. These days, even if you own a small, consumer-size business, you can find a suitable PBX for your requirements. Most of these PBX systems are now as robust and flexible as commercial PBX systems. They are packed with features that the small business owner once could only dream of. This is what companies such as Nortel have done. They have brought the power of good communication infrastructure to small businesses as well.

Having an IP enabled PBX or IP-PBX from Nortel adds to the advantages already available to you. Using VoIP technology for communication means that you do not spend anything compared to original telephone rates. Again, Nortel PBX is highly flexible and can be used for up to 300 users. Nortel gives you the power of scalability as well. Even if you start out small and plan to expand later, these systems have enough upgrading capacity. So if you are doing well in your business and need to go for expansion, you do not need to think twice before changing your infrastructure.

These systems can perform numerous functions that are extremely handy in any business setup. You can use the network to connect two different phones. This connection can be maintained for as long as you require them. Once you are done with the conversation, all the necessary records of the conversation such as duration and accounting details are kept intact. Various other features such as call blocking, accounting, call forwarding, call waiting, conference calls, direct inward dialing, automatic ring back etc. can also be performed with Nortel PBX systems. This truly gives your business the upper hand in terms of communication.

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