Monday, May 7, 2012

Does your business need an IP PBX?

Regardless of the size of business that you have, you’ll definitely, at some point, need to upgrade your phone system. A quick survey of the market today reveals that there are numerous communication technologies. On top of that, the right system can greatly benefit your business. One of the top ones is the IP PBX System. This has become extremely popular recently because of its high reliability and incredibly fast interface. Furthermore, a large number of businesses are using it because it can help them cut down on huge telephone bills. This system just requires an internet connection because you will be making calls to your clients via the internet. Coupled with an appropriate internet plan, you now have the ability make international calls at a tenth of the normal cost! The IP PBX System has a multitude of advantages that are associated with it. In comparison to traditional landlines, it stands out because of its portability, convenience, low cost and the amazing and sophisticated features that it provides. As per the needs and requirements of the business, the system can be selected and the most obvious benefit that a business will reap will be in terms of cost. The traditional phone lines cost more whereas your telephone bills will be significantly reduced with this system. There is no need for cabling either because it’s already connected to your internet set up so there is no major installation needed either. Furthermore, for efficiency as well as ease of use, an IP PBX System remains unmatched because of its advanced features. It has an integration facility which you can connect with your PC and keep track of your customers. This is because you can see who is calling you by installing functionality features in the system so dealings with customers are more efficient and satisfying for the customer. In addition, usually traditional systems incur high bills because of long distance call charges. But this system allows an individual to stay connected with people from every corner of the globe regardless of their location at amazingly affordable charges. What’s more is that an internet connection is the only requirement; otherwise the phone is also portable so it can be taken anywhere without any break in communication as there is a unique address for each phone. So whether your phone lines are down or there is some other glitch due to environmental disturbances, you can stay in contact and communicate with your customer with an IP PBX System. A number of IP phone providers in the market can be found that provide reliable services at affordable costs. Whether its pictures, video or text and documents, it is possible to use varying types of data in this system. 3 way calling, call transfer facilities, voicemail, call forwarding and caller ID are some additional features that these telephone systems can offer to businesses. Also both traveling and home based employees will discover that these phone systems are highly beneficial for them. The homes can be linked to offices and hence giving employees the flexibility to work from home if required. Only a high speed internet connection is needed. Regular and reliable communication can also be maintained during traveling by the worker. Practically endless benefits can be reaped with the help of an IP PBX System because almost all kinds of businesses can put it to use. To get maximum gains from your business, it is best to use it for all your communication requirements. For more information on BroadConnect Telecom’s systems, please visit our website.

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