Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nortel BCM Phone Systems of the Highest Quality

The telecommunications system is one of the most crucial factors of a successful business. A business can immensely benefit from Nortel BCM phone systems because they deliver high quality communication solutions at amazing prices. A lot of companies can take advantage of the communications solutions provided by Nortel because they cater to the needs of every office model ones and even branch offices. Communication within a business can be effectively enhanced by the wide variety of facilities and features these phones come with.

Not only are these phone systems listed under the very best with the highest rating, they even offer a combo that includes both data and voice solutions. Wireless Telephony and firewall are some data routing and IP features that these phones provide along with unified messaging, interactive voice response, high quality and telephony for which the Nortel BCM holds a solid reputation.

There is a wide variety of models from Nortel phone systems and the features have to be analyzed for selecting the best as per one’s requirement. There are some extremely interactive and advanced BCM phones that you would find included in the collection.

Some of the most popular models in the market are listed as follows:

BCM 450: Office environments that have 30 to 250 employees will find that this is the perfect business solution for them. Unified messaging, internet access, computer telephony integration (CTI), IP networking, Intelligent contact center functionality and Meet-me conferencing are some of the attractive features of these Nortel BCM phones.

BCM 400: Features found in normal phones are part of this system. Also bundled in along with this are multimedia call center, unified messaging, telephony and IP and data routing. This model has been considered best for branch offices having a number of 90 IP users and small and medium businesses.

BCM 200: Telephony, IP routing, interactive voice response and multimedia system amongst others are some all-in-one features that this phone boasts of and hence, this system is designed for less than 90 users.

BCM 50: This particular Nortel BCM system includes contact centers, telephony, unified messaging and internet access in its primary feature list which can greatly enhance the performance of small to mid size businesses. Anywhere from 3 to 50 users can use this particular system so it’s the ideal communication solution if you are new to the market.

Having the right kind of communication is crucial to the success of a business. Especially in the scenario of a new business, a lot of effort has to be made for establishment of the right communication infrastructure. The Nortel BCM has become the preference of countless businesses when it comes to fulfilling their requirements in terms of infrastructure because these telephone systems are such that they can be operated conveniently and without any hassles. Furthermore, these telephone systems can provide you access to all kinds of analyzing data that you might need. A number of companies have chosen these systems nowadays.

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