Monday, December 19, 2011

A Great Option for Businesses, SIP Trunking

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) phone is the optimal choice for organizations that are in the market for a flexible and cost effective way to change over to IP based telephony solutions. SIP trunking by large, has to be one of the most important progressions in telecommunications since it’s inception. SIP helps you revel in the benefits of VoIP, while relieving you from the hassles and high cost of replacing your current phone system. You can use SIP trunking with traditional PBX systems by simply introducing an Integrated Access Device to connect SIP trunks seamlessly with your legacy PBX system. SIP trunking device functions as a converter amid a traditional phone system and internet connection, so it can transmit voice traffic over the data network.

The cost related benefits available by SIP phone make it a perfect choice among countless small businesses. It minimizes or eliminates the cost of purchasing expensive hardware media gateways. It also releases you from the cost of sustaining hardware gateways. Hence, you need not house a technical team in your office or hire professionals from outside. You just require a broadband connection and SIP phone adapter and to use this phone. A SIP trunking device helps reduce administrative and overhead expenses involved in handling the media gateways. It decreases recurring costs for circuits dedicated to data and voice separately. The rental charges for SIP trunks are much lower than the traditional phone line rental charges. This helps you save hundreds of dollars every month.

SIP Phone provides the most flexible and fastest way to alter your traditional phone lines to IP based solutions. It helps meet your precise business requirements by allowing you to choose voice channels. Using SIP phones help you save a great deal of money in long distance and international calls. It also frees up your valuable resources for other important business functions by reducing telecommunication overhead costs. The IP network has more fault tolerant capacity than fixed line systems. This enables you get faster and more efficient recovery, in case any disaster occurs. SIP trunk enhances your call quality, helping you to get a good image among your clients and customers.

SIP phone is a fantastic route for small businesses that have plans to grow in future. It is very easy to develop your business communications without disturbing your business continuity. You can add extra voice channels or port your existing numbers effortlessly and quickly. You can also port your fax numbers over to SIP and send all your faxes to any email address you wish. Hence, you don’t need to keep a big bulky fax machine in your office anymore. With SIP trunking, creating a virtual presence for your business is a straightforward task. SIP trunking allows you to handle the services through a simple web based management system. This helps increase the effectiveness of your business operations.

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  1. Sip Trunking could be used to work with Voice over IP solution in business establishments. This is a solution that utilizes existing wired PBX models for communications for linking traditional telephone networks to external environment through the net.