Thursday, March 15, 2012

What Cisco Phones can do for you!

Having more than 65,000 employees all around the world, Cisco System Inc. was originally founded in 1984 and is now a multinational corporation which specializes in networking, voice and communication services and consumer electronics. You will find that a Cisco phone having wireless features is released on a constant basis because Cisco has gone further ahead in upgrading its phones since the launch of its first wireless phone in 2003.

What’s different about the Cisco wireless phone is that it’s basically a combo of the current mobile phone communication and some of the network characteristics that were found in walkie-talkies. Thus basically a wi-fi connection is used by these phones as compared to the traditional mobile phone network. There are numerous features of a Cisco phone which makes it unique and beneficial. You can get 15 hours of talk time and nearly 200 hours of standby time with this phone because its superior battery. The price range of Cisco phones in the 7900 is $60 to $1600 and there are a wide variety available. These wireless devices boast XML enabled applications, high definition voice quality, a two-inch, 176 x 220 pixel color screen and mute and volume buttons. They also promote hands free communication with duplex speaker phones and give the walkie-talkie experience with ‘push to talk’. Same facilities can be enjoyed both at home and at work as ensured by wireless security features and stringent voice because of the ‘office extend’ facility. Multi-call per line function is also supported by the phones. Like some smart phones developed commercially, some models of Cisco like 7921G-A-k9 and 7925G can use Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) applications because they have Java-based technology.

There are large business corporations where employees need mobile communication because they move around a lot. Here they have guaranteed access to the IP network. Therefore, Cisco has introduced models like the IP Phone 7970G through which graphic-laden applications and network data can be accessed by the employees. They have a large color sensitive display which is perfect when employees don’t have computer access. Using these phones in oil refineries, chemical plants, manufacturing areas and other hazardous workplaces is possible with a robust model that is made. However, targeting enterprises rather than replacing traditional mobile telephones was the purpose of the wireless IP Cisco phone 7920.

Traditional cellular networks are not used by a Cisco phone as its uses local area network (LAN) for its wireless features. Universal to different IP networks, the IEEE 802.11b wireless communications portal is used for communication purposes in the Cisco Wireless IP Phones of the 7900 series. Areas where Cisco IP systems can be accessed promote the easy use of these phones otherwise they use voice over IP networks or private branch exchange interfaces for communication. If the network is easily accessible and fully equipped then even the mobile phone network crashing will not have any impact in communication. Employees can move around the workplace and still communicate internally over Cisco Wireless IP phones which mean that employers do not have to bear the cost of carriage on a mobile phone network and it is thus economical. For more information on Cisco products please visit our website.

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