Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Fully Scalable, Avaya Phone System

Avaya Phone System is one of the leading names in office phone systems and IP telephony. But before understanding its benefits it is important to understand the role that communication plays in the success of a business. Many consider communication infrastructure to be a liability and burden on funds. However, using the right telecommunication system can do wonders to your intra-organizational management as well as sales. Having sound communication within your organization will help tasks get done much quicker. It is as simple as that. Quality and agility in communication with customers is also a great way to promote your company and boost sales.

An Avaya Phone System offers everything normal office phones offer but with much, much more. Gone are the days when communication equipment was merely made to make calls and exchange data. The Phone systems from Avaya are smart and built with various features and functions that can help managers organize workflow better. These phones give managers the power to transfer calls from clients to able agents. It also gives companies the ability to keep a tab on call logs. Some of the systems are fitted with sophisticated software that helps companies determine how many calls actually turn into sales.

Even in terms of intra-organizational communications, these phone systems can make all the difference. An Avaya Phone System gives companies the flexibility to communicate with employees in multiple branches and remote locations. As well, you get all this at quite a very reasonable price. If you’re looking for extraordinary conference calling features, phone systems from Avaya offer great features. This is actually much cheaper than hiring a third party conference calling service. Not to forget, Avaya phones are 100% compatible with all IP telephony. Thanks to this, Avaya can also provide customers with communication that is not just high quality but affordable as well.

Purchasing phone systems from Avaya gives you the upper hand in terms of scalability as well. The Avaya Phone System is easy to install and the process does not cost as much as you’d think and the installation process is extremely quick. All you need to do is give our company a call and express your requirements and budget to them. We will work out a solution that is tailor made for your company’s requirements. In fact, our staff at BroadConnect is quite helpful in familiarizing you with these systems. Though the interface is simple on most of these phones, there could always be moments of doubt. BroadConnect’s customer support team is excellent in such times.

Getting the right communication infrastructure is all about improving your chances at expanding your business. Using efficient and effective phone systems like the Avaya Phone System gives you a stronger base to build your company on. Avaya boasts of possessing one of the widest collections of phone systems. They design products for large, medium as well as small scale companies, keeping their specific demands in mind. A lot of research and survey go into the designing each product. Hence, it comes as no surprise that Avaya has become one of the most trusted names in office phone systems.


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