Monday, March 19, 2012

Is A Virtual Office Phone System Right For You?

Office phone systems are available in different varieties, each offering a diverse range of features and benefits. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), PBX (Private Branch Exchange) and Key System Units are some of the most popular contemporary phone systems, that are used in wide range of offices. If you want to get the most out of the money you’ve invested in your phone system, you need to choose the right one that exactly matches your targeted business requirements. You need to consider how many telephones you need to connect to the system, the budget, business applications and the existing infrastructure in your office. Only then, will you select the best performing phone system for your office.

Choosing the best office phone system that ensures the maximum uptime for your network helps to increase the overall productivity of your office too. If you opt for a virtual office telephone system, it will definitely give you more benefits than a traditional hardware based system. It will reduce your initial expenses and drastically cut your ongoing maintenance cost. All you need to have are a few basic tools that are probably already available at your disposal. A high speed internet connection and internet enabled phone sets are a typical fixture in just about any office. You also need choose one of the several convenient monthly subscription services that are available for use through a virtual phone system. This is highly beneficial, since it relieves you from investing thousands of dollars to set up a traditional office telephone system.

You can bring remote employees together by selecting the right office phone system. Sophisticated phone systems, like a virtual system, uses the internet to connect your office phone with the equipment of the service provider, enabling you to access your office phone from anywhere in the world. You can locate your employees, who can be situated in different parts of the country, and work with home employees as well. Customers placing calls to your office phone will think that your employees are sitting in the same office. As the best office telephone system can efficiently leverage the power of the internet, connecting remote employees becomes extremely simple process. You can handle call transfers and call routing in an effective manner and also allow your employees to have equal access to your phone system.

The best office phone system lets you enjoy such features, which were, at one time, available only to large corporations. You can gain full control over the system features, set up the system and make changes easily and quickly through the secure online interface that we at BroadConnect Telecom provide. The best phone system lets each employee get access to a fully customized voicemail, so they can record their own greetings and screen phone calls. When a new message is sent to them, they can be notified via email as well as text messages. The ideal phone system offers many other useful features, such as call logs and call forwarding, which help you run your business more effectively.

We offer some of the best office phone systems that give you first-class call center capability that enables you to provide seamless customer service, which is the key to attain success in any business. If a customer calls, helpful features like call logs let your office staff know all the essential information related to that customer immediately, so that providing trouble free customer service never becomes difficult. No matter whether your office is small, medium or large, our phone systems ideally meet your needs and provide you with the perfect cost effective tools and communication solutions.

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  1. All voice calls are converted into packets and can be very cost effective since calls between IP gateways are free. Also, this small business phone system is accustomed to expansions that can be accomplished through a TCP/IP network and Ethernet ports with local IP PBX gateways.