Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How Cisco Connect Cloud Just Makes Things Easier

Cisco is one of the most innovative communications companies which has a name that most people recognize. In fact, most people out there probably have a Cisco router that they use at home to connect to the web. Linksys is one of their popular brands, but they do have other options. One of the devices other than Linksys that people – from IT pros to your neighbors – like about Cisco is that the devices are relatively easy to use. Millions of people are using a Cisco router for this reason. No one wants a hassle when dealing with a network! Cisco knows and understands this well, and that’s why the routers from the company are such a great option, just as the Linksys routers were. The new Cisco router, as well as some older models, will be able to make sure of the Cisco Connect Cloud.

Before getting into what the cloud can offer, it’s important to know which Cisco router will be able to use the service. Cisco is making more use of their name today, and relying on the Linksys brand less, but their routers are all still high quality. The new EA Cisco router line, including EA700, EA3500, and EA4500 will have access to Cisco Connect Cloud. Older models, such as the E1200 and the E2500 do not. The data speeds on the router are quite impressive, so you will not have to suffer a slower connection just so you could get access to their cloud.

What Does the Cloud Offer?

You can download an app for Android and iOS that will help you interact with your Cisco router through their cloud system. You can take care of everything that you need with your Cisco router right through the application on your phone or tablet. You can store your information, as well add and manage many different devices to your Cisco router. You will have more controls via the desktop interface than you can use with the Cloud Connect, but the mobile app is sufficient for just about everything that you could need. You will be able to reboot the router, control guest access, manage the parental controls, and manage the devices that are on the network already.

For those who want to have an easy way of controlling their Cisco router, the app and the cloud are great additions to the already stellar lineup from Cisco. It’s time that you connect your EA series Cisco router to the cloud and then download your app.

This is just one of the many ways that Cisco and BroadConnect Telecom can help your SMB with a total UC (Unified Communication) Solution. 

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