Monday, August 27, 2012

Smartphone Integration Makes Being Late to Work Less of a Hassle

Times are certainly changing in the world of business, and smartphone integration is certainly one of the key reasons for this. More and more companies are making use of Smartphone PBX and other technologies that mean being late to work isn’t quite the offense that it once was. With the cloud and smartphone integration, many employees are actually busy at work long before they even get to the office. Working remotely, before work and after work, is becoming the way that many do business.

In fact, a large percentage of bosses – 73% according to a survey from Mozy – are less stringent when it comes to the clock. Many of those employees are using smartphone integration to work even when they are not on the clock, so it doesn’t make sense to be upset when someone is a few minutes late to work. Of course, most of the employees don’t realize that the bosses are more lax on the lateness today than they would have been before smartphone integration.

With tools such as a Smartphone PBX, employees are finding that it is possible to have a work schedule that is a bit more flexible. The smartphone integration can make it much easier for people who might have other things that they need to do outside of the office. Companies, such as Broadsoft, are looking to create and help to integrate the best possible mobile solutions for smartphone integration.

Interesting Facts for the Mozy Survey:

Most bosses in North America will be fine with employees coming in up to 37 minutes late, while those in the UK are okay with employees who are up to 24 minutes late. The survey also found that bosses in the United States seem to be more lenient when it comes to longer lunches and taking care of personal business. Even with smartphone PBX`s though, and even though the employee might be using smartphone integration, it is best not to push one’s luck! Try to make it a habit to be on time.

With a smartphone PBX`s, it is possible to work from just about anywhere, and that’s why more employers are even starting to let some employees work from home. With cloud computing, networking, and a smartphone PBX, it is possible to complete just about any task from the comfort of home.

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