Friday, February 3, 2012

Nortel BCM Makes Life Easier

The Nortel BCM or the Nortel Business Communications Manager is the perfect solution to facilitate quicker and easier business communication with its all-in-one converged voice and data communication system. This suits small and medium business models perfectly. This system is extremely flexible and can function as fast and efficiently as communication management systems used by big business houses.

Some of the efficient features and benefits of the Nortel BCM include:

• The system is expandable with the aid of BCM 50 expansion cabinets and BCM modules

• There is voice over IP available for IP phones and IP tracking

• You can operate 4-12 phones

• Small businesses can now easily transfer themselves to an IP communication system as well as upgrade themselves in a seamless fashion.

• Despite being a Linux based phone system; this unit possesses all the VoIP features as well as the structures present in a normal phone system.

• The BCM 200, BCM 400 and the Meridian 1 Switches are some of the other IP’s with which Nortel BCM phone systems can tie up and function.

• It has a built-in system and software that can support 40 digital Norstar phones and 32 IP phones.

• It also has the unique feature of unified messaging via key code.

• Fax and voice messages can be easily transferred to your email

• Ability to support 4 analog phones

• Apt for Call center functions which are performed with the help of key codes that are built into the system.

• A caller ID log of 600

• An interactive voice response system

• Hunt groups of 30

• Can support 10 voicemail ports and 1000 Voicemail Boxes

• The Nortel BCM can get connected easily to remote IP phones and organizations

• Speed dial of 255

• It is easy to work on Outlook and other computer systems as this has Computer Telephony Integration or CTI which makes it computer friendly.

• A voicemail storage of 100 hours

The features mentioned above are just some of the many applications and features included in this amazing communication system. Those who have used this unique communication system have truly benefited from its features. Most of the reviews written by customers will give you a fair idea of how this phone system has helped to simplify business communication. Most of the customers of the Nortel BCM feel that this is definitely one of the most flexible corporate communication systems available. Apart from flexibility the function ability of this system has also attracted customers across the globe. It is by far the best system to manage your voice mails.

This system is so far the only converged voice/data solution provider. The system works like a dream for small businesses. The IP routing and data services offered by this system are highly advanced and effective. So if you are looking for a complete voice and data service manager, there can really be no competition or choice other than the Nortel BCM. Be it interactive voice response, auto attendant or even unified messaging, this system has it all and packs phenomenal punch. The best part about this system is that it is 100% cost effective and has a network structure that is easy to understand and operate, making your small or medium business network management a walk in the park.

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