Monday, August 20, 2012

Cloud Integration is Growing at a Rapid Pace

Businesses today are starting to make changes, and they seem to be making those changes en masse. More and more companies, of all sizes, are starting to choose to use cloud integration and computing for their business. In fact, experts believe that, by 2014, at least 25% of small and mid-sized businesses will have chosen to use virtual integration. Choosing to use a cloud software vendor for many of the different programs they need is going to be a cost effective and easy option, and that’s the reason that cloud integration is really coming along so quickly. Of course, people weren’t always quite so giddy about using a cloud software vendor, and they certainly didn’t understand the idea of virtual integration.

Why People Feared Cloud Integration

People have quite a few different reasons that they give when asked why it took some time to choose a cloud software vendor for applications and to get on board with virtual integration. One of the fears was that they didn’t know how easy the cloud integration actually was, and believed it to be a complex affair. They also weren’t sure about which applications to choose from the cloud software vendor. Sometimes, the businesses wanted to wait until their favorite application and software developers were acting as a cloud software vendor, so they could be sure they were getting access to the applications that they needed.

Cloud Integration Catches On

Times are changing though, and those fears no longer hold as much sway. More and more are turning to cloud integration, and they are finding that it’s easy. The virtual integration is a simple way to make applications available to the business. All manner of applications are available, and it should be possible to find a cloud software vendor that will be able to offer just about anything that the company needs. Cloud integration with great software can even offer the company better and more accurate analytics.

Many small and mid-sized businesses want to have a cloud software vendor that is going to be able to supply them with as many of the solutions they need as possible. They find it easier to work with a single cloud software vendor whenever they can. One of the options that some companies are using today is BroadConnect Telecom's Cloud Business Applications, which has much of what a small business or a medium sized business could conceivably need. Packages that have it all are helping to sway even more businesses to cloud integration. 

For more information on Cloud integration, please feel free to contact one of BroadConnect Telecom's skilled support agents.

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