Friday, August 3, 2012

Avaya and Samsung Work to Make Android SAFE

In this case, SAFE stands for Samsung Approved for Enterprise. This program from Samsung should help them and one of their partners, Avaya, to create high quality devices that will be able to use Avaya One-X. In the effort to attain unified communications throughout all of the different aspects of a company. The Galaxy S III is the first Samsung Device that bears the markings of the SAFE program. This means that the device will be able to work with many different tools designed for unified communications, including Avaya One-X, right out of the box. One of the best features, equally as exciting as the unified communications possibilities, is the fact that SAFE could help IT teams no longer have to worry about Android fragmentation.

Those who are using other types of phones right now might want to consider the Safe2Switch program that Samsung is offering. They will let users of other phones trade in their devices and choose a Samsung smartphone. If you already have a Samsung phone, it will be possible to trade up for a newer device. Those who want to use Avaya One-X should find this to be an enticing offer. Even though the Galaxy S III is the first to have the brand of SAFE on it, there are actually 20 SAFE devices on the market right now.

Samsung decided that by having the SAFE brand more noticeable for their devices, starting with the S III, it will make it easier for IT departments to make a decision on the phones that they choose for their company. IT wants to find phones and devices that are going to work well and that will not need repair all the time. They want something that is able to provide unifiedcommunications for their company and customers. The S III, with Avaya One-X is proving to be a popular choice for IT departments.

In addition to Avaya One-X, Samsung also works with VPN providers, such as Cisco, for IP encryption. Avaya is one of the primary steps in ensuring that the device is going to work great for businesses. It can connect all aspects of the company, offering unified communication and better all around service.

When choosing the phones for your own company, consider the Galaxy S III and the features that it offers. Make sure that you are working with a phone that is going to be able to give your employees the access and the unified communications they need for a seamless operation.

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