Monday, August 13, 2012

Design Tips for Auto Attendants

Commonly referred to as an “IVR” or a “digital receptionist”, the Auto Attendant is one of the most popular features offered to BroadConnect’s Hosted PBX customers. An Auto Attendant is designed to facilitate call transfers without the need for a receptionist.  As callers dial the business number they are greeted by a customizable message directing each caller to dial the extension or department they wish to be connected to. Once the caller has inputted the correct extension, the Auto Attendant automatically routes the call to the correct destination.

BroadConnect’s Auto Attendant offers many rich and business-enhancing features, such as:

  • Sub-greeting as an extension of the primary greeting. Such as: local directories, office hours and locations
  • Department directories (press 1 for service, press 2 for returns, etc.)
  • Dial-by-Name
  • Multi-language support.
  • Call routing to a live operator

How to Design Your Auto Attendant

  • The Auto Attendant layout should clearly indicate what options are available to clients, but, it is important that the greeting now run longer than 15 seconds
  • Once of the most important features to never overlook is the live operator support function. Many callers press 0 to bypass the computerized greeting and reach a live receptionist
  • Always have the scripting written out before the greeting is recorded
  • Be sure to record the greeting in an area that is free from outside noise or interference
  • Never use a land-line or mobile phone to record your greeting, such phones do not allow for high definition call quality or clarity

As an added bonus for BroadConnect customers, we offer professional recording services for a one-time fee. Electing to utilize our professional recording services will ensure that your callers are greeted with a recorded message that is in perfect volume and pitch. The recording and all additional system prompts will be unified and polished ensuring that your business appears professional at all times. 

The provisioning team at BroadConnect Telecom is available now to assist you in designing an Auto Attendant that will compliment your businesses communication needs.

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