Monday, January 16, 2012

IP Phones and why you should use VoIP Phone for Business

IP Phone and VoIP phone for business help you enjoy the benefits of voice and data network convergence, while offering more convenience and user friendliness. They can help improve your productivity by meeting the exact needs of your organization. You can save a lot of money by choosing the right IP and VoIP phone solution. IP and VoIP phone system is easier to install and maintain. It is far more effective, when compared to traditional PBX systems that can be installed and managed only by professionals. You can avail of many useful features that can help boost your workforce productivity and enhance customer service.

You can go for IP phone and VoIP phone for business, if you want to avoid the hassles in managing the traditional phone systems. The web based configuration interface in VoIP phones make it effortless to manage and fine tune your phone system. It is relatively easy and extremely cost effective to make calls between your branch offices at various locations. In other words, you can connect your offices and make them act as one large office, regardless of their locations. This brings down the cost of making long distance calls significantly. You can connect your offices on your own private network as well, so that you can get functionality advantages.

If you are running a home based business or have numerous work-from-home employees, choosing IP Phone and VoIP phone for business can offer you plenty of benefits. It enables you to connect your home based employee to your office phone system via internet cable or DSL easily. IP and VoIP phone also makes it easy and cost effective to connect employees who are constantly on the go. You can connect with your employee, no matter where he/she is. IP and VoIP phone system helps you carry out your business without any interruption.

IP phone and VoIP phone for business allows you to use one cabling infrastructure to transfer voice and data simultaneously. You can therefore save a lot of money in installing separate cabling infrastructure for each network. You can also get cut costs significantly when you are setting up a new office or moving to another office. Scalability is yet another reason for why you need to choose this system for your business. Traditional PBX phone systems need additional hardware to add a new phone to the system, whereas IP phone system is easily scalable. You can add as many extensions as you need at any time you want with amazing ease.

IP phone and VoIP phone for business let you avail more features, such as auto attendant, call queuing, call forwarding and voice mail. Traditional phone systems require you to pay separately for these features. IP and VoIP phone allows you to check the current system status and calls through a web browser effortlessly. It also enables you to divert calls from anywhere in the world. Easy roaming is one of the most attractive features of IP phones that help business outfits doing international businesses save a lot of time and money. For more information on VoIP for Business, please visit

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  1. Earlier majority would switch to VoIP phone service to get the low rates. However, right now most of the people switch their business to VoIP phone service because of hi tech features. Main VoIP phone service providers like Axvoice(, Ooma, Packet 8 and others are offering features like call forwarding, call recording, find me follow me etc. These features make business communication a luxury for every one.