Thursday, January 19, 2012

Top 5 reasons to use the IP Telephone System for your business

IP telephone system has revolutionized the way communication avenues are utilized in an office setting. It converts voice conversations into data packets and then transmits them over data networks. You can make use of the standard IP data network to transmit all kinds of media, such as voice, data, and even multimedia content such as video or pictures. Lower voice networking costs, administration costs, simplified network management structure, increased communication capabilities, workforce productivity and enhanced customer satisfaction are the key benefits of an IP phone system.

Many businesses still use a network system that carries voice and data separately. This design has numerous inadequacies. Higher equipment installation and maintenance costs are the most prevalent issues of this architecture. IP telephone system leads to the convergence of data and voice onto a single network. This eliminates most of the inefficiencies of traditional networking models. Lower costs is the most important reason that drives many businesses to adopt IP phone system. It can also offer plenty of features that help you generate significant productivity gains. Reduced telecommunication cost is another important reason that influences the decision by businesses to switch to IP telephony. Since it eliminates the need for dedicated bandwidth for voice conversations, you can transmit more data and voice per unit of available bandwidth. This helps you save up to 40% in your telecom bills.

Operational and management expenses of traditional PBX systems are much higher than those of IP telephone system. If you want to move an extension or activate a phone, the traditional phone system costs you around $100 to $200. It also involves the work of technicians from the PBX manufacturer. This is not at all an issue in IP telephony. You can add, move or change a phone effortlessly and manage these tasks using simple web based tools. IP phone system facilitates easy and swift scalability to accommodate your business growth. IP telephony eliminates the need for numerous communication systems and devices, which not only reduce the cost, but also simplifies management considerably.

IP telephone system lets you make a set of common features available to all employees in your company. This can help increase their productivity and boost team spirit, while reducing training costs. Hunt group is another useful feature offered by IP telephony solution. This feature helps to answer all the calls by a live person rather than a voice mail. Enabling this feature can greatly enhance customer satisfaction.

With an IP telephone system, you can deploy productivity enhancing applications like voice mails and unified messaging anywhere in the network. The applications are accessible by many people at the same time and from anywhere, where there is an IP connection. This helps reduce equipment expenses, whilst increasing your business productivity. You can keep in contact with your remote and mobile employees easily, which in turn helps ensure a smooth business communication process. You can make any employee a member of a call center group, using IP phone system. This allows the employees assigned with this duty to receive and respond to customer calls from anywhere. This in turn helps improve customer return percentage and provides a competitive and efficient working environment.

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