Monday, January 30, 2012

There is a lot of buzz around IP and VoIP phones nowadays. However, you can avail the real benefits of VoIP phone and IP communications, only if you can transform your business communication structure into a smart communication system with the help of SIP (Session Initiation protocol. Many businesses are recognizing the advantages of incorporating SIP phone into their communication infrastructure. SIP can be used with many types of IP communication products like phones, soft phones, instant messaging systems, PBX (private branch exchange) systems and video conferencing systems. SIP enabled phones help revolutionize the way you handle your business communications.

SIP phone offers the most simple and most cost effective way to update your traditional phone system and convert it to an IP based system. It not only saves you a lot of money, but also helps you simplify your telecommunication infrastructure. You can use a SIP trunking device to carry data and voice traffic over a single line. Increased reliability and greater flexibility are the main advantages of SIP. You can save around 40% of your traditional line rental charges by adoption SIP technology. It helps reduce the charge of local and long distance calls significantly.

SIP phone helps you achieve most of your business goals like improving your customer experience, enhancing workforce productivity and minimizing your operating costs. It provides your staff and customers with various avenues for communication quickly and clearly. It allows you and your workforce to have greater control over technology and simplify the management process. This greatly enhances the efficacy and flexibility of your business operations. It offers a rich communication experience and provides all the essential aspects to your business to better serve your customers. Simplified structure of SIP promotes interoperability, whilst allowing your business to minimize operation costs. With SIP, your business can be better accessible, which makes it easy for your customers to reach you and for you to reach your customers.

Scalability is one of the main reasons for why you need to opt for SIP phone for your business. It is crucial at some stages to expand your business communications. Your attempt to expand communication should not affect the business process in anyway. SIP grows with your business and makes it easy to expand business communication. It scales well for any business, no matter whether it is small, medium or large. You can port your existing numbers, add extra voice channels or create a virtual presence for your business effortlessly and quickly. SIP can support multiple devices within a single communication session. It gives you and your employees the ability to communicate through more than one window.

SIP enabled communication solutions provides the convenience of a better interaction between your employees through speech, telephone keypad, keyboard and mouse. Today, communication networks are complex and expensive to operate and maintain. When compared to all other networks, SIP phone is the most simple communication network that reduces your operation and maintenance costs. SIP is a versatile protocol that helps enhance the quality of communication. It simplifies your life and keeps you in control of your communication devices rather than having them control you.

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