Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Top reasons to choose a VoIP Telephone System

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology has rapidly turned out to be an integral component of many business models in recent times. It offers plenty of benefits to small, medium and large businesses. It brought in an important improvement in the field of telecommunications- the capability to transmit voice over a data network. VoIP telephone system plays a crucial role when expanding your business and enhancing its productivity. Improving the customer service is the key to the success of any business. With VoIP technology, you are provided with the opportunity to better your customer service radically. Switching from traditional business phone system to VoIP can help you save a significant amount of money in phone bills too.

VoIP technology integrates voice and data onto a single cohesive network. This helps you get easy access to information, advanced functionality and great flexibility. The unified infrastructure is easier and more economical to maintain. VoIP telephone lets you take the office with you, wherever you go. You can access the phone system through any device connected to the internet at any time and from anywhere. This is more beneficial, if you have home base employees. You and your employees can check voicemail and email with VoIP. They can access project data and make calls over a single network. VoIP phone system can be integrated with some other systems like Customer Relationship Management in your office. This helps increase productivity to a great extent.

VoIP telephone allows you to enjoy greater flexibility. It scales immediately to accommodate your changing business needs. You can easily make changes in the system without relying on professionals. You can install new phones or set call routing preferences on your own. Rearranging desktop is so simple that you just need to unplug and move it to another outlet. There is no need to buy any expensive equipment or rewiring for rearrangement. VoIP allows you to enjoy many features that are either unavailable or costly on traditional PBX system. These features include auto attendant, electronic messaging, advanced call forwarding and three way conferencing.

Switching to VoIP telephone can help cut your telecommunication expenses by around 30%. Unlike PBX, VoIP does not require you to make a heavy investment. There are many hosted service providers who offer affordable cost of entry. You can even go for monthly subscriptions offered by some reliable service providers. The unified infrastructure helps reduce the maintenance costs as well. It is more flexible and easy to maintain in comparison to the traditional phone lines. As calls are transmitted over the internet, the cost of long distance calls is reduced drastically.

VoIP telephone system may be the best solution for businesses that are looking for more efficient and faster business communication solutions. In today’s volatile economic scenario, businesses, especially small and medium ones are looking for ways to reduce their operational costs significantly to survive. They find it beneficial to switch to VoIP system. VoIP technology ensures that you have access to high quality, uninterrupted services at cheaper prices. There are many VoIP service providers offering a wide range of packages. Analyzing the features of each package can help you choose the right service that suits the exact needs of your business.

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  1. Well the main reason people switch to VoIP service is definitely the low prices it offers. However, now a day, many business switch to VOIP service just get advantage of its features. Most of VoIP Phone Service providers offer these features free. You don't have to pay extra for these features. However, some features like call forwarding are sometimes not 100% free.