Thursday, June 21, 2012

What is Avaya Flare?

As technology plays an increasingly important role in business presentation and communications, in order to keep up, you may need to juggle many different interfaces at one time. What do you do when you are participating in a video conference, but you also have instant messages and other social media alerts flooding your way?

This is when the innovative Avaya Flare software can be a lifesaver. This Avaya IP office software allows you to create an all-inclusive multi-modal collaboration platform. It allows you to integrate all of your different video, audio, messaging, and other tools into one program. You no longer need switch between several different interfaces or contact lists in order to handle your communications.

You can stay connected easily on the go by taking advantage of the Avaya Mobility services. Integrate all of your communications programs, such as email, messaging, or voicemail to your iPad by simply downloading the Avaya Flare Communicator program.

The Avaya IP Office experience is made possible by using the SIP-based Avaya Aura communications platform. The Aura platform allows you to conduct multiple real-time communications sessions, using various interfaces, right on your desktop. You can conference and collaborate between many different networks at the same time without having to use multiple devices or switch between different types of software or programs. Everything you need to conduct business efficiently is right at your fingertips.

Features and Benefits

Quick and Easy Conferencing – This software makes assembling a team faster and simpler than ever. The interface is intuitive and incorporates instant messaging, voice, video, and social media into one platform that can be accessed regardless of your type of network. All users can connect with one another simply by dragging the appropriate contact information into the communications spotlight.

Communication Face to Face – Make your digital conferences more personal using video conferencing. You can see body language, expressions, and make eye contact, which can lead to a more meaningful interaction with your colleagues and clients.

Communications History – All communications in which you participate in will be logged in your easy to read communications history page. You can very quickly look into all of your correspondence with a particular contact, including all emails, voicemails, and instant messages, in chronological order. All of your past communications are organized for you and easy to access.

Participate in Simultaneous Conferences – While participating in one conference, you can start or join multiple additional conferences using audio, video, or instant messaging. The additional conferences can be added without interrupting the current conference.

Bring Experts into Your Communications – Within your contact list, experts can easily be labeled and identified using their contact information. If at any point you would like to insert an expert into your communications, you can do so by dragging their contact information into the communications spotlight.

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