Monday, June 18, 2012

The Benefits of BroadConnect Becoming your Business VoIP Provider

Introducing BroadConnect

BroadConnect is a Canadian-based private voice and data network. There coverage encompasses all of Canada, allowing them complete control over every facet of the communication services provided. Calls completed using BroadConnect are always secure and delivered with great audio quality. BroadConnect has quickly become a leader in the private voice and data industry thanks to our high quality and affordability.

The Benefits of Using an Office Phone System from Broad Connect

Expand Your Reach – The fiber optic Internet network allows you to implement communications solutions across the entire country. No matter your location, BroadConnect support is easily accessed.

Access to the Communications Experts – Thousands of Canadian businesses rely on BroadConnect because of the company’s prominent history and vast experience. There are very few communications issues that their knowledgeable and experienced staff have not faced and solved before.

The Greatest Value – The experts at BroadConnect are always looking for not only the most innovative, but also the most efficient communications solutions. They develop comprehensive voice and data networking solutions that will provide real benefits that will save you, the customer, time and money.

VOIP and Business – If Voice over IP has one flaw, it is that your business information is communicated through public internet space. BroadConnect uses a VOPI system or Voice over Private Internet, which reduces many of these issues. The VOPI system uses its own private communications network, therefore the IP over voice information does not enter the public space, and there are fewer security risks. VOPI is also much more reliable, practically eliminating any voice packet loss, and delivering higher quality audio.

The BroadSoft Platform – The Broadsoft Platform is groundbreaking software that has been integrated into the BroadConnect network. This software allows you to unify all of your communication tools. The platform allows you to collaborate between your various telephones, email, instant messengers, or any other communications applications that you use.

Adaptability and Affordability – BroadConnect delivers all of the most up to date communications services with a higher quality of service than the big three. We create our solutions to be more flexible and cater to the unique needs of each customer, which allows us to our keep rates lower. BroadConnect can offer a state of the art office phone system that can easily be modified or scaled to fit the changing demands of any business.  Call one of our skilled technicians today for more information on our products or a quote.

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