Thursday, June 28, 2012

What an Avaya Contact Center can do for Your SMB

When operating a small to medium sized business, you obviously want to provide top of the line customer service, but creating and managing an entire contact center on your own is not affordable. If a contact center is to run properly, you will need hardware, software, phones, routers, staff, management, as well as much more. Most small or medium sized businesses do not have the vast capital to develop this type of contact center. Fortunately, an Avaya Contact Center can take these large costs out of the equation.

Avaya has made all of the investments into their hosted call center so that your business can benefit from all of the latest innovations without the hefty price tag. The Avaya System has recently implemented Hosted PBX call services in order to provide even more call center services to you and your customers. Avaya makes it easier than ever to have all of the benefits and resources at your disposal of a full service call center, and all you have to pay is a very low monthly cost, dependent upon the number of representatives you require.
This is another way that your SMB can benefit from implementing an Avaya Contact Center: scalability. Avaya understands that businesses can grow and change very rapidly, and now your call center system can scale along with it without costing you excess capital. You can easily switch from two call center representatives to a dozen representatives. Instead of having to purchase more equipment, software, or spend time and money on training and management, you simply pay a flat rate for each additional representative. The hassle is removed so that you can focus on running your business.

Businesses that use these hosted customer service solutions often see an increase in productivity among their company because the maintenance of the call system is no longer a burden. Customers of Avaya appreciate that they do have complete control over their customer service experience, and it can be easily monitored or modified from any location. At the same time, business owners do not have to invest precious capital or time, so more of their energy can be spent improving productivity within their own company.

Yes, businesses can try to create a similar call center in house, but they will most likely find that the costs are much too high, and the maintenance too demanding. Avaya products from BroadConnect Telecom offers small to medium sized businesses contact center solutions that are both state of the art, easy to manage, and affordable.


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