Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How Does Bonded ADSL Work? Is it the Right Choice for your Business?

Bonded ADSL is a helpful option for many businesses.  Using  Bonded ADSL offers an easy and affordable way to improve your Internet connection speed. The bandwidth is able to be increased when your need increases. The use of a DSL modem connects the computer (or router) to the bonded ADSL phone line. While similar to a voice modem of 20 years ago, the data transfer rate is much improved.
There are many important features of the bonded ADSL. ADSL broadband requires only a single phone circuit to provide voice and data use at the same time. The ADSL provider (like BroadConnect Telecom) typically offers a modem that is used to connect the ADSL broadband circuit to the computer or LAN. The bandwidth of the bonded ADSL is much greater than a dial-up connection, making it a very good option for businesses that want to increase their connection speed. The data rate of transfer for the bonded ADSL allows for much faster access, allowing employees to be more productive.
One of the best things about bonded ADSL is that it can be utilized over a regular circuit. Business broadband service can be leased on a monthly or yearly basis from ADSL providers. Bonded ADSL is the best way to use a boned line is to increase bandwidth and speed. The bonded ADSL combines two ADSL lines together to allow a faster and more useful connection.
The ADSL broadband connection can be scaled to the size of your business. This offers a great advantage for many businesses that are in need of a better business broadband service. Companies have the option of adding or removing ADSL broadband connections as they are required. This means that you’ll be able to pay for only the ADSL broadband lines that you require. The ADSL broadband service provider will work with you to help you determine the best configuration of ADSL broadband to meet your needs.
Another important benefit of using ADSL broadband is the reliability factor. The bonded ADSL is a highly reliable communication solution yet it offers a high speed that is not available with dial-up service over standard lines. Business broadband service is a fantastic option and offers a great savings for your company. You’ll find that we here at BroadConnect Telecom offers you, high quality of service at competitive prices.
In summary, bonded ADSL is an option that is very adaptable for businesses. Your company can connect additional modules to accommodate growth as it occurs. This allows you to scale up when you are in need of increased bandwidth. Bonded ADSL is a good option for those who need improved data transfer speeds and want to get the services they need at an affordable price. Call BroadConnect Telecom for a quote, today! 


  1. To obtain maximum benefit from a Telkom ADSL line, the user's PC must meet the minimum specification. Typically for users of Windows 2000, this is a Pentium 2 with a processor speed of at least 166 MHz and 128 MB of Ram, 100 MB storage and a CD drive. Telkom's web site lists a variety of other PC and software configurations suitable for ADSL.

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