Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Benefits of a Virtual PBX Business Phone System

It is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore all of the advantages that come with online hosting services, or backing your information using “the cloud”. More and more businesses choose to use hosting services for their websites and for other applications, and business owners are now seeing the many advantages of using a Virtual PBX business phone system. More and more business owners are choosing to forego traditional office phone systems in order to take advantage of constantly improving Voice Over IP technologies. With all of the benefits that come with a virtual phone system, this change certainly makes sense.

Cost Efficient and Predictable
When opting to use a hosted phone system, you will be saving your business capitol. You will not need to buy or maintain any start up equipment. Instead of investing in hardware, software, and management, all of your expenditures will be incorporated into a low affordable monthly lease agreement.
Budgeting for your business phone system will also be simple and easy to predict. The billing is always consistent and accurate. If you need to add extra features, such as automated systems, recording, or queues, you can do so for low set monthly prices. 

The security of your account is a high priority. There are may automated security checks in place to catch any potential risks as early as possible. All instances of fraud, or any other security issues, are taken very seriously.

VoPI vs VoIP

Increased Control
The Virtual PBX phone system gives you more comprehensive control over your business phone operations. You can very easily route your calls to your home, your cell, or any other location. The customer can control every aspect of the phone system, down to the number of rings the caller hears. 

Stay Up to Date
Technology is constantly evolving and improving. As a business owner, you do not want your competitors to have a more advanced phone system than you. In order to stay ahead, you must be able to take advantage of new upgrades and services. Moving to virtual phone systems makes upgrading easier than ever. Instead of spending vast amounts of capital every year to buy the latest software and equipment, you can access all of the latest features through your reliable hosting company at little extra cost. 

Flexibility and Scalability
Businesses are always changing and expanding. A virtual phone system can easily flex and mold to give your business the room it needs to grow, without wasting any precious resources. You only pay for exactly the services your business needs on a month to month basis. If your business is fortunate enough to see a boom in business during a particular month, it is easy to boost your phone service during that month, and it is also easy to scale it back the month after. Your business benefits from a phone service that is customized to its needs.
If you have more questions on Virtual or Hosted PBX Phone systems, please do not hesitate to call one of our highly skilled Account Managers.


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